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Android TV Box Reviews

Android TV Box Reviews

Read reviews for Android TV Boxes currently on the market from real users.

Android TV Stick Reviews

Android TV Stick Reviews

Read up to date reviews from true users of Android TV Sticks on the market today.

Android TV Site Reviews

The best Android TV Sites

Find out what people think about the different Android TV Sites available.

Tips for First Time Buyers

Tips and Tricks to use when choosing which Android TV Box.

Which Android TV Stick?

Which Android TV Stick is for you? Read This to learn more...

Best XBMC Android Help

Learn which devices have ongoing support for XBMC & Android.

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New To Android TV? Already Confused? Start Here

Mark H, Writer
Trying to put this as simply as possible. Android TV is Android OS (the same as Android Tablets & Smartphones) running on small box, stick, or now even some TV's come with Android preinstalled. This site is all about learning which Android TV sites and devices are available to you before you make any decisions. There's so many different brands, makes, and scams all over the internet in terms of what you actually get installed on your box when you purchase it and how much work is actually necessary to setup your new Android TV Box or stick.

We will try to get as much information out as possible though Android TV is ever changing and constantly has new headlines and stories that to some may be confusing. If you want Android TV STRICTLY for watching TV and Movies like most people do, then just make sure to get a TV Box or Stick with ongoing XBMC, Android, and Addon Support.
Android TV Reviews

We need you to voice your opinion so that we do not saturate the site with N2Box Information. Please help us create something completely community supported for true help and reviews for ALL brands of Android TV Boxes now on the market!
TV Box or Stick?

Find out exactly which device for Android TV suits your individual needs. With many different options available the first choice when getting Android TV is whether you'd like to get and Android TV stick or Android TV Box. Read More to learn why this decision is extremely important.
XBMC Support or Not?

Are you new to XBMC Android? If so, you may be especially interested in making sure you get an Android TV box or stick that is well supported with ongoing XBMC help, downloads, and support as well as Android follow up technical support and firmware.
Single, Dual, or Quad Core Device?

How powerful does your Android TV device truly have to be? Why spend all the money on a quad core Android TV box is all you really need is a single core or dual core. Find out why getting the fastest and most expensive box or stick may not be necessary for you. Save money with our help.

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